About Global Kompass

Founded in 2009, Global Kompass Strategies helps corporations and governments successfully take advantage of strategic business opportunities in the United States and around the world. Emerging technologies, especially in the digital world, continue to present organizations with unique opportunities, and high-quality strategic advice can make the difference between success and failure.


Why hire Global Kompass Strategies? We deliver expert, effective guidance in the following areas:

  • International Business Expansion
  • Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology
  • Crypto-Currencies
  • Cyber Security Oversight
  • Strategic Business Development
  • Corporate Governance
  • Risk Mitigation and Anti-Corruption
  • Digital Transformation


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Michael Marquardt,

Chief Executive Officer

Michael is a globally respected leader, entrepreneur and sought-after advisor who enables companies to conquer the bureaucratic, social and political challenges of opening, acquiring and growing businesses in the United States and abroad.


Andrea Tinianow, Esq.,

EVP, Chief Innovation Officer

Andrea drives innovation at the nexus of law, business, government and technology at the highest levels. She is known for creating strategic partnerships, identifying opportunities for organizational growth and driving change processes through to fruition.